Ceres Bus Schedule 2017

There are 2 types of buses. Tourist buses from the airport to Caticlan (Boracay), and the public bus Ceres.
The Ceres terminal is aprox 2km from the airport near the capitol building.

Kalibo to Caticlan (Boracay)
1st Trip=6am * Last Trip=9pm * Return Last trip=7:00pm
Notes : Every 30 min, 140 Pesos
Ceres Route Map
Kalibo to Iloilo
1st Trip=2am * Last Trip=7:00pm * Return Last trip=6:30pm
Notes : Every 30 min, 240 Pesos. All aircon buses have onboard toilet, wifi.
Kalibo to Roxas City Capiz
None Only 9 Passenger Vans now.
Kalibo to San Jose Antique (228km)
1st Trip=7am * Last Trip=3:30pm * Return Last trip=2pm – – About 5.5 hours from the airport.
Notes : Every 30 min. All points in between. Note: There are many buses from Caticlan to Culasi .
San Jose Antique to Kalibo(228km)
1st Trip=4:30am * Last Trip=2pm * Return Last trip=3:30pm – – About 4.5 hours. + 1/2 hr to Airport by tricycle.
Notes : Every 30 min. All points in between.
Kalibo to Culasi Antique
1st Trip=?am * Last Trip=5:30pm * Return Last trip=?pm – – About 2.5 hours.
Notes : All points in between.
Kalibo to Manila
1st Trip=11am only *
Notes :6 buses at 11am 1,300 pesos pax Everyday.
Iloilo via Kalibo, to Cubao via Pasig City
1st Trip=11am only *
Notes :Bus stops in Kalibo at 11am
Kalibo to Manila
1st Trip=11:30am * Phil Tranco * 1 KM from Ceres
Notes : 2 buses at 11:30am 1,184pesos

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