Hotels in Kalibo Aklan

As of 10-4-2014
Hotel NameSingleDoubleFamily RMAircon/TVHot WaterInternet (WiFi)In Room ToiletBreakfastNotesPhone
La Esperanza Hotel13441500 3300YesYesYesYesadd 150 per person262-3989
Kalibo Queen’s Inn675875 1325YesYesLobbyYesCoffeeShop262-5788
Garcia Legaspi Mansion880980 1350YesYes (double room only)YesYesNo262-5588
Judith’s Pension House600(fan)800 1900(7pax)YesNoNoYesNoRooms

are on

the 4th floor

4A’s Pension 800 1300 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Ambito Pension House800800YesNoNoYesNo
Carillo C-9 Hotel350 (fan room)900 2000Yes (double room only)NoNoYesNo268-6597
Bakhawan Inn600600YesNoNoYesNo outside


Area 9181000YesYesNoYesNo262-5410
Airport Line Pension750900 1000YesNoYesYesNo268-9670
Ati-atihan Festival Hostel 700 990 1490 Yes Yes Yes Yes serve meals as order 09266214798 or (036)500-762
Parkway Apartelle800800YesYesGround FloorYes68 per person
Little Glowmoon400 (fan room)950 1200Yes (double room)YesNoYesNo262-3072
Shemaja Innnone750 1000YesNoYesYesNo268-7626
Green Tou Can750750YesYesNoYesNo
RG Travellers Inn750850 950YesYesYesYesNo268-4049
Agzam Resort & Spanone1700YesYesYesYesYes (included)262-4240
Kalibo Hotel1232 1962YesYesYesYesNo 268-4765
Mang Domengs600No private bath 1300YesYesYesYesNo262-8568
La Fiesta Inn750750YesYesNoYesNo
Center Parkway Pension House750900-YesDeluxe and suite rooms onlyLobbyYesNo268-2103
Zapa Inn12001200YesYesYesYesYes
Marson Hotel16803920 Suite roomYesYesYesYes180/per person268-2187
Novo Hotelnone970 1100YesYesNoYesNo262-8703
Ati-atihan County Inn 1000 1000 1440 Yes Yes 100 charge Yes No268-6116

Notes: Working Phones, Prices (Pesos) are for overnight stay and may be more for 24 hours.

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