Hotels in Kalibo

As of 10-4-2014
Hotel Name Single Double Family RM Aircon/TV Hot Water Internet (WiFi) In Room Toilet Breakfast Notes Phone
La Esperanza Hotel 1344 1500  3300 Yes Yes Yes Yes add 150 per person 262-3989
Kalibo Queen’s Inn 675 875  1325 Yes Yes Lobby Yes CoffeeShop 262-5788
Garcia Legaspi Mansion 880 980  1350 Yes Yes (double room only) Yes Yes No 262-5588
Judith’s Pension  House 600(fan) 800  1900(7pax) Yes No No Yes No Rooms

are on

the 4th floor

 4A’s Pension  800  1300  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Ambito Pension House 800 800 Yes No No Yes No
Carillo C-9 Hotel 350 (fan room) 900  2000 Yes (double room only) No No Yes No 268-6597
Bakhawan Inn 600 600 Yes No No Yes No  outside


Area 918 1000 Yes Yes No Yes No 262-5410
Airport Line Pension 750 900  1000 Yes No Yes Yes No 268-9670
 Ati-atihan Festival Hostel  700  990  1490  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  serve meals as order  09266214798 or (036)500-762
Parkway Apartelle 800 800 Yes Yes Ground Floor Yes 68 per person
 Little Glowmoon 400 (fan room) 950  1200 Yes (double room) Yes No Yes No 262-3072
Shemaja Inn none 750  1000 Yes No Yes Yes No 268-7626
Green Tou Can 750 750 Yes Yes No Yes No
RG Travellers Inn 750 850  950 Yes Yes Yes Yes No 268-4049
Agzam Resort & Spa none 1700 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (included) 262-4240
Kalibo Hotel 1232  1962 Yes Yes Yes Yes No  268-4765
Mang Domengs 600No private bath  1300 Yes Yes Yes Yes No 262-8568
La Fiesta Inn 750 750 Yes Yes No Yes No
Center Parkway Pension House 750 900- Yes Deluxe and suite rooms only Lobby Yes No 268-2103
Zapa Inn 1200 1200 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Marson Hotel 1680 3920 Suite room Yes Yes Yes Yes 180/per person 268-2187
Novo Hotel none 970  1100 Yes Yes No Yes No 262-8703
Ati-atihan County Inn  1000  1000  1440  Yes  Yes  100 charge  Yes  No 268-6116

Notes: Working Phones, Prices (Pesos) are for overnight stay and may be more for 24 hours.

11 comments on “Hotels in Kalibo

  1. Can you give me lists/names of hotels in Boracay as well as the room rates. Also kindly includes the amenities , etc.
    Planning to visit in April with a total of 6-8 people. Thanks.

    • Hi Jorose,
      Sorry, but I don’t have the list of hotels in Boracay. To get the names, rates and amenities of hotels will require lots of work for me since we are not in Boracay. Since summer is peak time in Boracay, rates can be more. The least you can get is 2k. Kindly check on Isla Bonita, I personally find it affordable.Near the beach, and at station 3. Thanks.

  2. Are the rates still the same??? Can you please update the info here? Thank you very much. Planning to visit very soon.

    • Hello Pines, the room rates are approximate as things do change. You may want to call the numbers we have provided they are currant.

    • Hello Jana, i assume your referring to hotel rates. Generally hotels in Kalibo will increase their rates x3 during the festival. Some requiring 3 day minimum booking. You will want to make reservations well in advance.

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