Ati-Atihan Schedule of Activities

January 14-20 –  2013

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Main Events Street Dancing of Delegates from 16 Baranggays of Kalibo Street Dancing for Students from Different Schools All Over the Province Street Dancing for Preparatory and Elementary Schools in Kalibo Street Dancing of Teachers and Faculty in their Colorful Costumes (8AM)

March of the Giants and Street Dancing of Municipal employees from 17 towns in Aklan (2PM)

Street Dancing of Religious Groups and Socio-civics Organization Unique Partying with Giant Fantasy-themed Images of Local Heroes at Pastrana Park (5PM) Tribal Modern and Individual Ati-Atihan Contest  (8AM-4PM)


Parade of giants and individuals in giants attire (2PM)

Fire works display (11PM)

Feast Day of Sto.Nino Pilgrims  Mass (7AM)Religious Procession (Main Parade) (3PM)
Starting Time 2:00 PM 2:00PM 2:00 PM 8:00 AM 7:00 AM
All week long (everday) Healing Rite of Miraculous Sto.Nino at Kalibo Cathedral Day and Night Market with Wide array of Products for Sale at Veterans Avenue(Clothing and other things) Handcrafted Local Products Expo at Pastrana Park (Abaca Pina nito clay) Food Festival at Pastrana Park(offer an array of fast foods and culinary specialties) Never-ending Snake Dancing (people weaving like a snake) and Partying at Magsaysay Park   (every night) Exhibit Paintings Sculptures Photographs and Graphic Arts at the Museum Photo Contest Open to all Professional and Amateur Photographer
Week Before Opening of the Week long Ati-Atihan Festival (3PM) Beauty Contest (Search for Mr.& Ms. Ati-Atihan) at ABL Sports Complex

This Schedule subject to change

4 comments on “Ati-Atihan Schedule of Activities

  1. Hello
    I will bring my family in Kalibo, Aklan for ati-atihan on Jan. 14-17/ 2016. Any update info about the coming events/ updates.

  2. Hi there! Lovely that you have this schedule for 2013. Is this still updated? I will be there with my family on Jan. 17 to celebrate my son’s 13th birthday and I would appreciate an updated schedule. Also can I request help for any primers or info about the upcoming Ati-atihan Festival to assist me in preparing for our trip like good places to stay, scrumptious places to eat, etcetera. We are all so excited and good luck with the event! Cheers!

    • The schedule here covers the main events for the town of Kalibo. Because these events have such large crowds, the schedule is normally fixed in advance. There are many other activities going on in neighboring towns. We do not provide a schedule for them. We would recommend you make your travel and hotel accommodations well in advance. This is the most popular Street dancing event in all of the Philippines.

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