Restaurants in Kalibo Aklan

NameFeaturesCuisineFood QualityAmbiancePopularity
Latte Coffee Cafe Quezon Avenue Extension Kalibo Aklan 5600Internet/wi-fiFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee ShopexcellentCasualVery Popular
Antonios Bar & Rest Pook Kalibo Aklanlive music/videoke/billardsFilipino Cuisine | BarexcellentAdult/friendly/party likeVery Popular
Explorer Burgers Dr. Gonzales St. Kalibo AklanWi-fi/great menuinternational/filipinoexcellentCozy/friendlyVery Popular
New Peking House XIX Martyrs St. Kalibo AklanThe only authentic Chinese food in Kalibo 09/15/2011Chinese/FilipinoexcellentfamilyVery Popular
Kusina sa Kalibo Maagma St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine Lutong BahayexcellentfamilyVery Popular
Ninos Ihaw-Ihaw Maagma St. Kalibo Aklannative chickenseafood InihawexcellentCasual DiningVery Popular
La Neñas Manokan Regalado St. Kalibo Aklanchicken pork lechonFilipino Cuisine InihawexcellentfamilyVery Popular
Saylo (Circa 68 Inc.) Andagao Kalibo Aklanart showings airconAsian CuisineexcellentCasual DiningVery Popular
Smoke Hauz G. Ramos St. Kalibo Aklanlive music/billiards/full barBBQ/Grillgooddark and smokeyVery Popular
Goldilocks Gaisano City KaliboAklanFilipino Cuisine | Bake ShopgoodcounterVery Popular
Greenwich Gaisano City Kalibo Aklanpizza/sandwich/pastagoodfamilyVery Popular
Andoks Litson Barrios St. Kalibo AklanBBQ/GrillFilipino Cuisine lutong Bahaygoodfamily fast and friendlyVery Popular
Marys Refreshment Pastrana St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shopgoodalways busyVery Popular
Snowland Refreshment Pastrana St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shopgoodalways busyVery Popular
Marianing Fastfood Pastrana St. Kalibo Aklanaircon shoppingFilipino Cuisine | Lutong Bahaygoodalways busyVery Popular
AquaFresh Manokan Country Osmeña St. Kalibo AklanBBQ/GrillFilipino Cuisine InihawgoodfamilyVery Popular
Ramboys Toting Reyes St. Kalibo AklanTora-toraFilipino Cuisine | tora-tora | BBQ/Grillexcellent InihawfamilyPopular
Abregana Andagao Kalibo Aklanlive music/great menu/full barinternational FilipinoexcellentBoracay style“Nice place to chill out”
Lorraine’s Tapsi Mabini St. Kalibo Aklanwi-fi/great menuexcellentPopular
Ted’s La Paz Bachoy Gaisano Mall Gaisano City Kalibo Quezon Ave. Extension Kalibo Aklan 5600ConvenienceFilipino Cuisine | Fast Food | Noodle/Rice NoodlegoodInside MallPopular
Jollibee Cor. Martelino-Arch. Reyes Sts. Kalibo Aklan 5600giant beeFast FoodgoodFast foodVery Popular
Tokanz Lapaz Batchoy Regalado St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Fast Food | Noodle/Rice NoodlegoodFast foodPopular
La Nena’s Manokan Regalado St. Kalibo AklanTora-tora/ inihawFilipino Cuisine | Food StallgoodCasual DiningPopular
Kitty’s Kitchen Rizal St. Kalibo Aklanbest burgerinternational/filipinogoodfamilyPopular
RML Manokan Haus Mabini St. Kalibo AklanTora-tora/inihawFilipino CuisinegoodCasual DiningPopular
Seafront Bread Shop Mabini St Kalibo (old philhealth office) Aklanextensive menupizza/sandwich/pastaaverage/goodfamilyPopular
Zapa Bar and Restaurant Cardinal Sin Ave. Kalibo Aklanlive music/videokeFast FoodaverageAir-condition/native rest housepopular night time
Mezzanine Café Bar & Resto Rizal St. Kalibo Aklanlive music/improveFilipino Cuisine | BarFun and fresh/adultPopular
Tokanz La Paz Batchoy Regalado St. Kalibo Aklangreat soups arroz caldofilipino soupsexcellentcounter
Alexa’s Restaurant & Cold Zone Kalibo Airport Pook Kalibo AklanPastries/DessertinternationalFilipinogoodfamily fast and friendly
Piel Ice Cream Crepes C. Quimpo St. Kalibo Aklaninternet/wi-fiinternational/Filipino/ice creamaveragefamily
Miggy’s Place Kalibo Airport Pook Kalibo AklaninternationalFfilipinoaverageCasual Dining
Eskina Kanami Toting Reyes St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine Lutong Bahayaveragefamily
Hernani’s Mix N’ Match Barrios St. Kalibo Aklanbar airconInternationalFilipinoaverageCasual Dining
3rd Cup Coffee C. Laserna St. Kalibo AklanCafé/Coffee Shop
Sem’s Favorites C. Laserna St. Kalibo Aklan
Pierre Hanzel Restaurant C. Laserna St. Kalibo AklanAsian Cuisinefamily
Niyog Bar & Restaurant Kalibo Int’l. Airport Kalibo AklanAsian Cuisine
Mang Ulyssess Chicken Inasal Tigayon Kalibo AklanFast Food
Mang Ulyssess Chicken Inasal Old Buswang Kalibo AklanFilipino CuisineCasual Dining
Kusina Kanami Toting Reyes St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Fast Food | Soup
Korean Friends Restaurant Kalibo Int’l. Airport Kalibo AklanKoreanCasual Dining
Bordeaux Mabini St. Kalibo AklanFilipino CuisineCasual Dining
Aquafresh Restaurant Osmeña Ave. Kalibo AklanTora-tora/ inihawFilipino CuisineCasual Dining
Sugbahan Gaisano City KaliboTora-toraFilipino Cuisine/food courtfood court
Leylam Shawarma Gaisano City KaliboMiddle Easternfood court
Jocyl’s 19 Martyrs St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Fast Food | Lutong Bahay
Marzon Hotel Quezon Avenue Extension Kalibo AklanhotelFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shop | Pastafamily
C.A Store airport Pook Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Fast Food | SoupCasual Dining
One Great Trading airport Pook Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shop | Juice/Milk Tea
Roger Batchoyan airport Pook Kalibo AklanLutong Bahay soupsfamily
Niyog Resto Bar airport Pook Kalibo AklanBar | BBQ/GrillFilipino CuisineCasual Dining
Nia’s Bamboo Cuisine airport Pook Kalibo AklanBBQ/GrillFilipino CuisineCasual Dining
Hanzel Restaurant Burgos St.Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine
Judith’s Pension Judith’s Pension Regalado St. Kalibo Aklanpension houseFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shop | Pasta
Big Bean Cafe Osmeña St. Kalibo AklanInternational Cuisinefamily
Executive’s Hub Bar & Resto G. Ramos St. Kalibo AklancateringFast FoodgoodSmall/friendly
Ymman Cyber Café Osmeña Ave. Kalibo Aklan
Q-Bix C. Laserna St. Kalibo Aklan/Rizal St. Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Bar
Nalz Coffee Treats, Kalibo Airport Kalibo AklanFilipino Cuisine | Café/Coffee Shop
Dragon In, Kalibo Airport new, Great DumplingsChinese Philippino Cuisinegoodfamily, large groups
168, Kalibo AirportChinese Philippino Cuisinefamily

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