Kalibo Boracay to Caticlan Bus service

Airport to Caticlan 2 Stops

Airport to Caticlan Caticlan to Boracay
Tour BusTour buses are available as you arrive at the Kalibo airport and travel directly to Caticlan (the gateway to Boracay Island).Southwest tour is one of the tour buses that are available. They charge 200 pesos each way.They have no fixed schedule. They follow the planes. When they in use the buses are working. 1 Km Boat Trip to Island. Upon arriving to Caticlan (gateway to Boracay Island) you will go inside the Caticlan Jetty port building where you can purchase your boat ticket.Actually, there are 3 tickets you need to pay: your boat ticket (25 pesos), Environmental Fee ticket (75 pesos), terminal fee ticket (100 pesos)There are several boats that travel to and from to Boracay with only few minutes interval. (refer to boat schedule below)Boats are available early as 4:00 am up to 10:pm ATM machines also available at Jetty port building
There are several L300 vans waiting at the airport for a possible passengers that travels directly to Caticlan.Drivers are offering a ride as you go out to the airport even during the night flight schedules. The fee is 200 pesos.For information: Some hotels and resorts have their own service to transport their respective clients. If you are planning to book for a hotel accommodation, you can ask also if they have transport service.They have no fixed schedule. They follow the planes. When they in use the buses are working. Regular Trip Schedule Caticlan to Boracay / Boracay to Caticlan
Departure Times6:00am 6:40am7:20am 8:00am 8:40am9:20am 10:00am 10:40am11:20am 12:00nn12:40nn 1:20pm2:00pm 2:40pm3:20pm 4:00pm

4:40pm 5:20pm

6:00pm 6:40pm

7:20pm 8:00pm

Note: there are boats available early at 4am up to 10 pm

Other times will require you to rent a boat for 2000P. This can be shared with other passengers. 

Also: Read information above

 All prices each way. No discounts for children.

From Airport to Town Proper to Caticlan 3 stops

Airport to Kalibo Kalibo to Caticlan Caticlan to Boracay
3 KM rideUpon arrival to Kalibo airport, an airport tricycle can take you to town (Kalibo) for 100 pesos.You can tell the driver to take you to Ceres bus (if that’s your destination), or any place in town like Gaisano mall, or hotel.If you are already within the town vicinity, you can ride any tricycle for 8 pesos. They may charge extra if you have baggage.Tricycle is the mode of transportation within the town.Tips: Prepare an exact amount to pay the tricycle to avoid hassles.  Ceres BusCeres Bus is the biggest company of buses all over Panay.There are regular trips from Kalibo to Caticlan at  30-45 minute intervals. It means that every 30-45 minutes, there is a bus available to travel from Kalibo to Caticlan.The Ceres Bus Terminal is located at Osmena Avenue, Kalibo Aklan.However, if you are arriving from the Kalibo airport, you have to pay the minimum amount of 100 pesos (airport tricycle) to the terminal.This is the equivalent of 2.50 US dollars.Bus Fare: Air-conditioned    107.00 pesos Non-Air-conditioned  ( Regular)     87.00 pesos

hours:  1 hour travel (or less) to Caticlan (Ceres is available every 30 minutes)Note: Ceres schedule is from 6am to 8pm Kalibo time.

1 Km Boat Trip to Island. Upon arriving to Caticlan (gateway to Boracay Island) you will go inside the Caticlan Jetty port building where you can purchase your boat ticket.Actually, there are 3 tickets you need to pay: your boat ticket (25 pesos), Environmental Fee ticket (75 pesos), terminal fee ticket (100 pesos)There are several boats that travel to and from to Boracay with only few minutes interval. (refer to boat schedule below)
The only transportation you can get from the airport is a tricycle if you will stop in the town proper (Kalibo).Kalibo airport to town proper is about 10 -15 minutes ride in a tricycle. L-300 VansThere are several L300 vans (9 passenger van)  to Caticlan.Here are the available group of vans on their regular schedule:West Mint Transport Association.(L. Barrios Street, Kalibo, Aklan)Caticlan-Boracay Transport MPC(G. Ramos St. Corner Roxas Avenue, Kalibo Aklan.) Phone Numbers: (036) 268-1048  CP# 0921 9915011Northstar Transport(E. Acevedo St. Kalibo, Aklan)Paradise Island Tour Terminal 2(Crossing Buswang, Kalibo Aklan)

AAM Van Terminal(Corner Roxas-Veterans Avenue, Kalibo, Aklan)

Minimum Fare:  100 pesos

Hours: 5 am- 7 PM

Regular Trip Schedule Caticlan to Boracay / Boracay to Caticlan
Departure Times
6:00am 6:40am 7:20am
8:00am 8:40am 9:20am
10:00am 10:40am
11:20am 12:00nn12:40nn 1:20pm2:00pm 2:40pm3:20pm 4:00pm4:40pm 5:20pm6:00pm 6:40pm7:20pm 8:00pmNote: There are boat available early at 4am up to 10 pm

Other times will require you to rent a boat for 2000P. This can be shared with other passengers. 

Also: Read information above


Refer to the information above  Jeepneys:  There are also jeepneys that regularly travel to Caticlan. Local people usually ride a jeepney especially those who have baggage that occupies much space.Baggage is usually placed on top of the jeepney.Schedule of trips are also between 30 minutes to an hour.  It means there is a jeepney traveling to Caticlan every 30 minutes to 1 hour.The fare is about 80P per person. They may charge extra for baggage depending on its size and quantity.The Caticlan Jeepney’s Terminal is located at C. Laserna St. Kalibo, Aklan.Comment: This type of transportation are not as comfortable, more suited to the local public. Refer to the information above
Refer to the information above Local Buses: Aside from the Ceres bus,there are other local buses that travel to Caticlan.Their terminal is located at C.Laserna Street, Kalibo, Aklan.You can ask a tricycle to take you to their terminal for 8 pesos. The minimum fare is 80 pesos.Comment: This type of buses are not as comfortable, more suited to the local public. Refer to the information above

The widening of Aklan West Road (Kalibo to Caticlan) from two lanes to four lanes will be done at the end of 2015. This project is part of the Department of Tourism (DOT)-DPWH convergence program to provide tourists safe and convenient travel to Boracay. It will also mean that the travel time will be shorten and will provide smooth ride to Boracay from Kalibo International Airport.
Aside from the four lane widening, Two bypass’s are under construction and  are expected to be done by 2015. These roads will improve the congested traffic and will be specified a road for tourists vans and buses who are traveling from Kalibo International Airport to Caticlan (Boracay).

The Kalibo Airport is undergoing construction to increase the number of flights they can handle.  Air Asia has publicly asked to have this airport as a hub for their Philippine operations.

Caticlan to Kalibo transportation


140 comments on “Kalibo Boracay to Caticlan Bus service

    • Hi Jedd,
      The last time my sister exited to Australia last November, she pays 1620 plus terminal fee. I don’t have the exact details, but I hope that will give you an idea. Thanks.

  1. hi, we will be arriving at kalibo airport at 11pm. I would like to ask how much is the traspo from kalibo to caticlan jetty port, how long is the travel and how much is the traspo in the boat from caticlan to boracay.? Thanks.

    • Hi Steph,
      Kalibo Airport – to Caticlan Jetty Port is 200pesos. At least 1 to 1.5 hour travel. Regular boat is 25 (daytime) and 30(night time). However, your arrival seems very late for regular boat.There are boats available early at 4am up to 10 pm.Other times will require you to rent a boat for 2000P. This can be shared with other passengers. Kindly read this post for more info http://kalibo.org/cost-kalibo-airport-boracay/I hope it helps.Thanks.

  2. Hi! Ano po ang last trip from Kalibo going to Antique? Do you have the contact numbers ng terminal or bus line na may byahe papuntang Antique? Thank you!

    • Hi..Ceres Liner has trip to Antique…The last trip is between 4 to 5 pm. I got no contact number. Ceres terminal is located at Osmena Avenue, Kalibo. Thanks.

    • Hi Anne,
      Try inquiring at Southwest Tours. That’s the company which dominates the transfer of tourists from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan and Vice Versa. Other buses, don’t have route to Kalibo Airport. Thanks.

    • Hi Santi,
      I’ll be happy to explain it in details. From your hotel, you have to take a tricycle to Boracay port, that will cost you at least 20pesos. Then buy your boat ticket 25, and terminal fee 75 and take the boat to Caticlan. Rides to the airport are just waiting outside the jetty port. You can easily spot them because they made themeselves known to all passengers. I prefer you to ride a van direct to Kalibo airport for 200pesos. Hope that helps. Happy trip!

    • Hi Sphen,
      Yes, your flight seems very late. From the airport, you will travel about an hour or so to Caticlan.Your options are: stay in Kalibo and travel the next day to Boracay or just go directly to Caticlan, and take chances on finding a boat. Sometimes, there are people who also are in the late flights, and get together to hire a boat.You can be one of them. If not, you can also find a place to stay and rest for few hours and wait for early boat trip that starts at 4am. If you stay in Kalibo, you can find a place to stay for 800p plus tricycle ride from airport to hotel (100p). There is a place called airport inn which is walking distance from the airport if you do not wish to travel to town proper. Most of hotels are in town proper which is about 10-15min away from the airport.Hope these help. Don’t hesitate to ask again if I am a help to you. Thanks

      • Thank you for your response. If ever ill be going to kalibo ferry terminal going to caticlan, that would be at 1am. Do you think that there will be an available ferry that we can hire? the reason why because I already booked our hotel on that day. instead of renting the hotel in kalibo, it would be practical if ill pay it on the ferry boat…

        hoping for your response again… :)

        • Hi Sphenzer,
          Yes, there are boats available to be rented at Caticlan jetty port to Boracay that late hours. So, what you are going to do is ride a van or bus to Caticlan and rent a boat for 2,000 the least. You can also try booking with Southwest (Southwest Tours can be booked online or approach them at their booth at Kalibo airport as you arrived) because they usually have their own boat and transportation to your hotel.

  3. Hi,
    My flight reaches Kalibo around 8.10pm is it possible to reach Boracay at the same night or do I have to stay in Kalibo and take a ferry next morning. when is the last ferry form Caticlan? Also can I hire a private ferry (if yes how much it cost).
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Prsna,
      The regular boat to Boracay is up to 10pm. So, there is possibility you can catch it if you have no delays. Yes, you can hire a boat for 2,000 pesos or more in case regular trip is no longer available. I am sure you are not alone who have late flights. From what I have known from experience, there are several people who are traveling on late flights, so you can always find someone to share the rent with. Thanks.

  4. Hi, I have a flight arriving in Kalibo around 10:30pm. I plan to spend the night at Kalibo then head to Boracay the following day. Would you know what would be the earliest time that buses/vans will start going to the port? ANd would you have any recommendations where to stay in Kalibo? :) Thank you so much.

    • Hi Mariel,
      The earliest time is 4 or 5am via Ceres Liner or regular van to Caticlan. Fare would be 100pesos.There are several hotels/Inn in Kalibo, I can suggest the Municipal operated “Atiatihan Country Inn” at D. Maagma Street.It will be convenient for you because it is near the airport (10min away)and the Ceres terminal for early travel to Caticlan. Tricycle is the mode of transportation around the town that cost 8pesos. Airport tricycle is 100pesos. (Because of the late flight, regular tricycle is no longer available). Happy trip!

  5. Where can I buy bus ticket from Caticlan to Kalibo? How much is that? Or should I buy a tour from Boracay to Kalibo? Thanks alot

    • Hi Jane,
      Bus ticket from Caticlan to Kalibo is given as soon as you boarded. I am talking about regular Ceres bus trip from Caticlan to Kalibo terminal.But if you mean, tourist bus like Southwest tours, you have to book it online for 200 pesos. That is Caticlan-Kalibo airport trip or vice versa. There are regular vans to Kalibo, as well or a jeepney. However, if you’re going to Kalibo airport directly, I suggest to take the van (L3) for convenience.You’ll pay 200pesos to the airport and only 100 if you’re in Kalibo terminal. Happy trip!

  6. Hi,

    I have a very early flight from Kalibo Airport (5.00 A.M). Do i have to leave Boracay the day before or are there night buses available? Thanks.

    • Hi Youssef,
      Yes, I think it is more convenient for you to leave Boracay day before your early flight. Regular boat starts 4am, so you will be out of time to catch your flight. You can leave Boracay late afternoon to Kalibo. There are several affordable hotels/inns in Kalibo to spend the night. Thanks.

  7. Hi. I want to ask a question: I have early flight at 6:50am at Caticlan airport. I want to know is there any boat from Boracay to Caticlan airport at 4-4:30am?

    • Hi Hoa,
      Yes, regular boat schedule in Boracay start at 4am. So, it’s not a problem. Enjoy your stay in Boracay. God bless!

    • Hi Jacky,
      If you are coming from Kalibo airport, there are several vans and bus waiting for passengers there. As long as there is flight, they are there waiting and you have no trouble finding them because they approach every person coming out if they need a ride to Caticlan.Howevr, if you are going to Boracay, boat can be a problem. Hope you have considered it. Have a nice trip!

      • Hi …may I know if do they still have hours for van passengers because I’ll be at 6:15 in Kalibo airport. I think boat will be closed by 6pm. So what can I do? Thanks. Pls reply back.

        • Hi Anne,
          No worries,there are several vans waiting at the airport to Caticlan.Boat will be available until 10 pm. There are many passengers like you who have later flights going to Boracay, so transportation is not a problem.Enjoy your stay in Boracay. Happy trip!

  8. Hi I would like to inquire whats the earliest and last available van or any public transport from Kalibo to Roxas City? My flight for Roxas to Manila would be at 7 in the morning incase ill be staying at Roxas any nice comfy cheap inn you would recommend?

    • Hi Jaja,
      Earliest van to Roxas is 4am and the last trip is in between 5 to 6pm. I am not very familiar with inns and hotels in Roxas to recommend. A friend of mine recommend Julieta’s for nicer place and for cheaper she mentioned Capiz Lodge. I am aware that prices in Roxas is cheaper here in kalibo. So, you may able to get a place to stay from 6h to 1k. Thanks and happy trip.

      • Hi Jane,
        Considering your flight schedule, I would suggest for you to leave the island at 8am. Travel time from Caticlan to Kalibo is about 1.5hr. You should be at the airport at least an hour before the flight. So, if you leave at 8am,(considering the wait time, boat travel, and bus travel), you can avoid trouble. Thanks.

  9. Hello! Are there still available transpo going to Caticlan Jetty Port at around 1000pm? Arrival time is around pm. 0955 pm. Please? Thank you very much

    • Hi Danica. Yes transpo going to Caticlan is still available. As long as there is arrival, vans are waiting for passengers. However, if you are going to Boracay, regular boat may be a problem. Thanks.

  10. /’Hi, just want to ask how do we get a ride from caticlan going to kalibo airport? is there a van or bus? and how much will it cost per head?and do they have certain schedule, so at least we can manage the time prior to our departure time.thanks so much

    • Hi Aileen! Yes,there are several vans waiting to take you to the airport. It will cost you 200 pesos from Caticlan to the airport. It is about 1.5 to 2hour trip. The van leaves as soon as the seat are occupied, approximately every thirty minutes. Happy trip!

  11. Hi! :-) We are going to Mambusao, Capiz from Caticlan Jetty Port. Are there van/buses that passes that route? Can you suggest the most convenient transportation that we can use. (We’re travelling with kids). Thanks.

    • Hi Micheal! The best ride for you is Ceres bus going to Iloilo. It passes Mambusao, Capiz and is convenient ride. It will take you 3 to 4 hours from Caticlan.Ceres bus is available at terminal near Jetty port.Have a nice trip.

    • Hi Anne. they tend to increase the rate if passengers are more than 2 and lots of baggage.Also if you are going outside town proper, they raise their rate. Just keep on asking for lower price if they tend to raise. During night time, when you do not have a lot of choices, they really tend to raise their price. But actually, its 100 per trip, especially if your destination is just around town proper. Hope that helps, thanks.

    • Hi Arisse. There is a schedule bus going to San Jose Antique, Kalibo-San Jose. That is your ride and not the Caticlan bus. They have different route. I still have to check on Kalibo-San Jose schedule which I usually forget to do. I hope I can do that soon, so I may able to help you. Thanks.

  12. Hi,

    Is there transportation from Caticlan to Kalibo between 8pm to 10pm? We are planning to leave Boracay late to catch an early morning flight in Kalibo.


    • Hi Dawn. Yes, I think vans are still available from Caticlan to Kalibo until 8 or 9pm. I have heard they are available 24/7 as long as there are passengers, but I have to check on that to be sure. Thanks.

  13. hi…gyud eve just wanna ask if there are buses/vans operating on nov. 1 going back to kalibo from caticlan? Thanks in advance

  14. Hi. How long will it take to go from Caticlan to Estancia? How many transfers do I have to make? Correct me if I’m wrong — will it be Caticlan to Roixas to Estancia? How long is the total trip time? From Caticlan to Estancia? How much? Many thanks!

    • Hi Micheal. Estancia, Iloilo is 1.5 hours travel from Roxas City. I am not aware of direct trip from Caticlan to Roxas City. I hope there is to make your travel smooth. But if that is not possible, you can ride Caticlan to Kalibo.(van fare is 100) From Kalibo, there are several vans to Roxas city (fare is 100p.) Then another bus ride from Roxas to Estancia. I don’t know the exact fare but it would be between 100 to 150. Because you have to make several transfer, I can’t give you the exact travel time. From Caticlan to Kalibo, it will take you an hour or so. Then Kalibo-Roxas is 1 to 2 hours trip as well. I hope this info helps you. Thanks.

  15. Hi, our flight from Manila is 6pm on Nov. 29. And we will arrive probably at 7:30pm. Do you think if we arrive in Caticlan by 11pm, there will be a non private boat that can send us to Boracay? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi. If your arrival is 7:30pm at the airport,you can possibly catch the regular boat. Hwevr, if there are delays, say 11pm, availability of regular boat is a problem. Hope you can make it. Have a nice trip.

  16. Hi, i have read a lot of forums but i have cannot find the right answer. Can you inform me please if the tricycles in the airport going to kalibo town proper safe to ride at midnight? Thank you

    • Hi! yes, I can say it is safe. I have taken airport tricycle several times. However, it is good to take precaution at all times. If you are not from Kalibo, have someone to meet you at the airport. Have a nice trip.

      • Many thanks for this. i have called the hotel but they said that they don’t have the airport transfer service. perhaps i’ll book another hotel in this case.

        • Yes, most of the hotels in Kalibo has no transfer service.Anyway, I think you’ll be fine with airport tricycle. You have to pay 100p for the trip,make sure to close the deal before you ride. Some drivers tend to ask more. I can give you my number if you need more help while in Kalibo. Have a good trip.

  17. Our flight is arriving 11pm on a saturday, and we’re planning to stay the night in Kalibo til 6 or 7am. Are there van waiting in Kalibo airport that early? Because you said they follow airplane scheds but the next flight sched arriving is 10am?

    • Hi! Vans will be available earlier than that. As you arrive 11pm, there will be available vans in the airport.If you plan to stay Kalibo and travel the next day, you will find your ride outside the airport at van terminals or ceres bus terminal. (If the next arrival is 10 am as you said, available vans will be outside the airport in several van terminals) Thanks.

  18. Hi what time is the first trip via bus or van from kalibo airport to caticlan and vice versa. We’re arriving in kalibo almost 12midnight?

    • Hi! There are available bus or van in the airport anytime waiting for passengers. As long as there is a plane schedule, there are vans and bus waiting. The first trip of regular boat to Boracay is 4am. Have a nice trip.

  19. Hi, we booked a flight for october. We will arrived at Kalibo airport by 730pm maybe. If the travel time from kalibo to caticlan is almost 1 hour. we will arrived at the jetty port by 8pm or 9pm. Do we still have a boat to ride going to the island? Thank you. Please. :)

  20. Hello. We are planning to stay overnight in Kalibo before we go to Caticlan. Are there hotels near Ceres Transport that are cheap? Thanks!

  21. Hi, we’re coming to boracay on 3rd week of September. Our flight will be Manila to kalibo. What is the best way and how much it cost going to boracay?

    • Hi! There are many available vans or tourist bus waiting at the airport. It cost 200p to Caticlan.For me, that is the most convenient. From Caticlan, you will have short boat ride. Refer to the website for the payments. Thanks.

  22. if we chose Ceres bus as means of transportation from Kalibo to Caticlan, does the terminal of the said bus is near Kalibo airport? as well as if were going to ride the bus again from Caticlan back to Kalibo airport, is it near the jetty port? what is the last schedule of Ceres bus travel from Caticlan to Kalibo? is the fare still updated? thx :)

    • Yes, you can do that but you may get cheated riding a tricycle from the airport to the Ceres bus terminal since you are not a local. The Ceres terminal is about 10 minute ride from the airport. The local use to walk outside the airport and ride to regular tricycle. But since you are not local and probably with luggage, you may find it difficult. There is airport tricycle available but they charge 100p. So, it is more convenient to ride from the airport direct to Caticlan using vans or tourist bus.Have a safe trip.

  23. Hi,

    In case we decided to get all the seats in the Van from Kalibo to Caticlan, is that feasible? If so, would that mean we have to pay P 100 x 9 seats = P 900, right?


    • Hi. Yes, you can take the whole seating capacity. However,I think the seating capacity is more than 9 seats? If I am not mistaken they count the seats from 12 to 15(Filipino size) depending on the type of vans. And if you are coming from the airport to Caticlan, they charge 200p. I hope that helps. Thanks

  24. Hi. My arrival time is 5pm in Aklan Airport .Would I be able to catch up on the bus to Caticlan then the boat to Bora? Do you have any suggestion what station and Inn is good to stay at for a budget traveler? Thank you in advance :)

    • Hello. Yes,you can still catch up ride to Boracay. Transport to Caticlan is available at the airport.During this time, there are affordable place to stay. Many will approach you upon arrival at the port. It will range from 1.5k to 2k. Have a nice trip.

  25. Hi! My arrival time at Kalibo Airport is Sept.27,2014 7:55PM
    Will I be still able to catch a SouthWest bus or an L300 van going to Caticlan?

    How long does it usually take from Kalibo To Caticlan? Is this chart updated as of 2014? Thanks!

    • Hi! Yes, vans and tourist bus are still available. Approximately 2 hours travel to Caticlan. Yes, the chart is still up to date. Thanks and have a nice trip.

  26. Hi have an 8am flight Kalibo to Manila on aug 25 coming from Boracay. May I know approx time to leave caticlan to make it to kalibo by 7am? how long is the travel time from boat, bus , tricycle to Kalibo airport and approx how much will the expense be thank you

    • Hi..suggest you leave early as 5am,approximately 2 hours from Caticlan to Kalibo. Vans and tourist bus go directly to airport @ 200 fare. Thanks.

    • Hi there! Yes, boat is available at 5am (even earlier like 4am) as well as vans or buses to Kalibo. Have a nice trip!

  27. Thanx a ton for providing the better information for the travellers to reach boracay / caticlan . Appreciate you guys for ur team work….cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hi, we are scheduled to land at Kalibo at 7:10pm. Allowing for collecting bags etc, will me make it Catician in time to catch a scheduled boat – or will we end up having to hire a private boat at more expense? Thanks

  29. Hi we will be arriving 10 pm at kalibo we already arranged our van trip going to caticlan.. if we were to hire a boat how much would it cost us? is it possible for the boat to traverse the water at midnight? thanks soo much

  30. Hi! We are planning to go to boracay next month for 5 days but we want to visit the cathedral & bakhawan eco part in kalibo. Do you think it would be better if we tour the kalibo first before going to boracay?(we will arrive in kalibo airport @7:30am or before our flight back to manila which will be @ 10:00pm? Also, can you please tell me what is the best and cheapest way how we can go to sto nino cathedral from kalibo airport. Thanks

    • Hello Elaine, If I were arriving at 7;30 am I would definatly see the Kalibo attractions first. that gives you plenty of time to go to Boracy After. A try-cycle will get you to the Cathedral then from there to the Eco-park.

  31. Hi! How much will I spend overall fare If I’ll be going to commute(via bus) from Kalibo Airport to Boracay station 2 resort? And approximately how many hours of travel? Thanks.

    • Hello Edhz, Southwest tours boracay offers the best deal. 825 pesos including fees round trip. Purchase your transfers right in the Kalibo terminal. And your looking at about 2 hours travel. Have fun.

    • Hello Jubie, I just spoke to the rep at Southwest and she assured me that 3 and under are free accompanied by a paying adult. You can purchase your transfer when you arrive at Kalibo Airport.

  32. Hello,

    I just want to ask because my flight from Kalibo to Manila is 6:55am so my concern is there a shuttle van that we can ride from caticlan to Kalibo airport around 4am???

    • Hello Ryan, Dont forget you also need to get from Boracay to Caticlan via water. Unless you organise a private boat no commercial boats travel that early. A better option may be to stay in Kalibo overnight.

  33. Hi, we will be arriving at kalibo airport by 11pm. Can you suggest where to stay for 4-5 hours before riding a van to caticlan? we dont want to travel between 12mn-4am.

    • Hello Chary, if its lodging your looking for the Airport Line Pension is just outside the Kalibo Airport. There not expensive and you can get 4-6 hour accomadations. Here is there contact # +63 36 268 9670.

  34. Hi just wanna know if we arrive 10pm on nov 15,will there be available van and boat ride that will take us to boracay island??? If not can we have any contact no. So we can make early arrangements fir the van? Thank you ;))

  35. Hi..
    Im looking for Van pick up at Kalibo airport to Caticlan terminal.
    We are 6 persons i would know how much it fare.



    • Hello Naka, There are vans waiting at the airport around the clock. If you wish to hire the van entirely yourselves the price is negotiable. But generally you can expect to pay 2000-3000 depending on the time.

  36. Hello!
    Our flight will arrive in Kalibo at 11:05PM. What is the best mode of transportation should I get going to Caticlan? btw, we are a group of 8.

    Thanks :)

  37. Hi we have a 2 guest that will arrive @ 2100h in kalibo airport. Is there an assurance that they can reach boracay island without shelling a lot of money? how much will it cost them? because i already inquired from the 2 transport company and their chartered service is too costly.

  38. hi,I saw that boats regular trip schedule Caticlan to Boracay / Boracay to Caticlan available early at 4am up to 10 pm on your website. I asked myboracayguide.com the boats schedule. They told me it`s from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM in Caticlan.So,I am confused.
    If i have a flight out of Kalibo Airport at 7:55am ,will be there any boats that I can take?

  39. Hi how much it will costs from Caticlan (boracay) going to Kalibo Airport? and how many hours travel it will takes from Caticlan to kalibo airport? please give me an idea because I will travel from Caticlan to Kalibo Airport. my departure schedule is around 8:50pm. thank you.

    • Hello Reyliza, there are many Vans and Buses available at the time you need to leave Caticlan. Expect to pay 200-250 pesos. Travel time approx 1.5 hours.

  40. Hello my flight sched going back to manila is 7am so i need to check in at the airport by 5am from boracay island to kalibo airport. Is there a van or bus availabe by 2am or 3am or a hotel near kalibo airport so that we can ride the bus the night before maybe 9pm thank you so much pls reply sooon

    • Hello Angelica, I would advise staying in Kalibo overnight. From Kalibo proper to the airport is only 6 kilometers. So wherever you decide to stay you will have an easy trip to the Airport.

  41. Hi Aklan…hope all goin well with you there as i’m here :)
    I just wanna ask..from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty,have several bus schedule ryt?
    Should i’ve to booked for the transport in advance through travel agent or online booking?
    If no,can i find it just in the front of Kalibo airport terminal then?coz i’ll come as a group of 7/8 person,better to get a bus or van?
    as i read on the top on this blog,bus fee is already include the boat fee to Boracay or need pay separately on the Jetty?
    the price have you update is the new one for 2013?
    I’ll very appreciated and thankful if you can answer all my question..due i’m the one will be leader on this vacation for my friends..adn all of us is foreigners..

    Thanks & Regards,
    EDz ;)

    • You can buy the bus ticket at the bus. The bus is the most comfortable. Jetty boat fees are not included. Prices are all current.

  42. hi..we will be arriving at the kalibo airport at around 12 midnight..is there any transport services going to caticlan port at that time?
    thank you

  43. Hello! If i have a flight out of Kalibo Airport at 9.30am on a Sunday, what time do i have to leave Boracay?

    Are there earlier ferry timings that i can take from the various boat stations?


    • Marie, there are many choices. Bus is the most comfortable way. As soon as you leave the airport terminal, you will see several.

  44. hi, our trip back to manila is 6am, need to go to kalibo airport, is there a boat or van available around 3am from caticlan? pls help.

    • Ranz
      The Buses and Vans will be running. You will have to hire a boat. It should not be difficult because there will be others from your flight also. You can split the cost.

  45. Hello meron pa bang available na boat when we will arrive in caticlan going to boracay around 6-7pm? Pls help us out.. thanks..

  46. Hi.. just want to ask if what is the last trip of bus or jeepney’s from caticlan to kalibo airport.? thank you so much!

    • There are plenty of jeepneys to Caticlan. You need to take a tricycle from the airport to the Caticlan terminal. There is a specific terminal area in the northern part of the town. But, because Caticlan is the farthest jeepney, they often operate after hours, and pick up passengers near the bridge. The tricycle driver will know where to take you. It should be about a 20 peso ride by tricycle to the terminal.

    • We don’t have contact numbers however, there is no trouble finding these people. There are at least four companies providing vans from the airport to Cataclan. They are very competitive, and will find you. When you walk out of the terminal and look like you have no ride, they’ll be asking you if you need a van. They operate 24 hours.

  47. Hi…Just wanna ask if what is the last trip of bus or any other transportation leaving Caticlan going to Kalibo?Thanks…

    • I believe the last Ceres bus is 8pm, but, there are L300 buses (9 passenger vans) that run all night long. There are planes flying out of the Kalibo airport from midnight till 5 AM. Just prepare a little earlier because you may have to wait an hour for a bus to fill up.

  48. Hi,

    Do you happen to know of a van that can accommodate 10 passengers in Caticlan going to Kalibo? And would you know how much it costs, please?


    • There are many Van traveling Caticlan going to Kalibo. there’s probably one every half hour. They can hold 10 people. The cost is 150-200 pesos per person. there may be an additional charge if there is a large amount of baggage.

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