DRSTMH- Doctor Rafael S Tumbokon Memorial Hospital

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Mabini St, Kalibo Aklan Philippines

City code 36 country code 63

To call from USA 011-63-36-268-2606


Doctor Rafael S Tumbokon Memorial Hospital
DRSTMH- Doctor Rafael S Tumbokon Memorial Hospital
141 (in Kalibo)
DRST Memorial Hospital (E. Room)268-8590
DRST Memorial Hospital (Medicare)268-6294
DRST Memorial Hospital (North-BLDG) OBwa268-6312
DRST Memorial Hospital (OR Dept)268-6300
DRST Memorial Hospital (Soc Hygiene)268-6299
DRST Memorial Hospital (South Bldg)268-6313
DRSTMH – Emergency Room Hospital268-7383
DRSTMH – Canteen268-9462
DRSTMH – Cashier268-2605
DRSTMH – Chief Nurse Office268-2614
DRSTMH – Dietary268-7062
DRSTMH – Engineering268-2611
DRSTMH Dental268-2608
DRSTMH Eent Clinic/Technical268-5626
DRSTMH Laboratory268-2607
DRSTMH Operator268-2606
DRSTMH Pharmacy268-2609
DRSTMH Private Room Building268-8561
DRSTMH Radiology268-2610
DRSTMH- OPD Clinics268-2617
DRSTMH-3rd Floor Nurse Station268-2618
DRSTMH-Acctg Office268-1591
DRSTMH-Admitting Area268-2616
DRSTMH-Nurse Station268-2604
DRSTMH-Nurse Station, Main Bldg268-2613
DRSTMH-Office of the Provincial Governor268-1590

DRSTMH is the main public Hospital in Kalibo. It is a class B hospital

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