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Ryan Magdaluyo Esperidion

Ryan is a talented young architect of high integrity. Some is in his designs can be seen here.

He is Board certified, licensed and available for work in the Kalibo, Boracay, Aklan and Antique.

He works well with foreigners, has experience at creating topographical maps, 3-D models, multistory buildings and homes.

He is up on all the latest techniques. He works well with the civil engineers in the area.

His designs are practical and functional as well as attractive.

As a native of Aklan, he understands complexities of design in a Tphoon environment. He has personally experienced the most powerful Typhoon in the history of the world.

Ryan is an architect specializing in the design of tropical, eco-friendly buildings and homes.

Ryan has his own workers and can make your place special. Contact him today.

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